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Thread: NBA Draft

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    NBA Draft

    I thought it would be interesting for everyone here to post who they think will be the Top 10 NBA Draft order for 2003 will be? I think:
    1. LeBron James
    2. Darko Millic
    3. Carmelo Anthony
    4. Chris Bosh
    5. T.J. Ford
    6. Chris Kaman
    7. Jarvis Hayes
    8. Mike Sweetney
    9. DWyane Wade
    10. Kirk Hinrich


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    I think it's best to at least wait for the lottery, then you can see what teams need.

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    Yup, agree with Iggy. Take the NFL draft for instance.

    Had the Lions been the #1 pick, they wouldn't have selected Palmer, b/c they just picked Harrington last year, and still have that young Mike what's his name as a backup.

    Palmer was chosen not b/c he was the best player, but b/c Bengals needed a QB in the worst way.

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    you guys are exactly right!!!!!!!!

    as long as the Raptors pick up Carmello, I am happy!!!!!!!!!

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