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    Anyone interested in this Juan Gonzalez #/d card??

    2002 Fleer Triple Crown #001/365 Juan Gonzalez LMK if ur interested!!

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    im interested.... i could trade you a 02 topps traded who would have thought reggie jackson, 02 fleer triple crown drew henson, 03 UD MVP preview Jeter, 01 fleer showcase riveraand a 02 donruss originals soriano. lmk if you will do this

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    I mite bay intrested. WHat tha BV on tat stuf. No really, I might be interested.

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    tutall- maybe i already have the Henson and rivera cards tho if you have something else instead of them

    nolanryanexpress-im looking for yankees and colts and other good prospects and rookies.

    thanks both of u and PLMK!

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    ok all i listed above....

    02 topps traded who would have thought reggie jackson, 03 UD MVP preview Jeter,and a 02 donruss originals soriano and 03 UD MVP sportsnut alfonso soriano

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    yes....i need all of those also do you have any blue jays rookies to trade maybe 1 or 2?? PLMK!

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    i dont think i have any blue jay rookies... i could add a giambi 02 ud ballpark idols...lmk

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    ok that would be the soriano sportsnut card scratched off or not?? PLMK and PM me your address.

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