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Thread: OK...For sale #2!

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    OK...For sale #2!

    This isn't a list of specific cards but just an offer.Her it is
    5 cards of your favorite team or player for $1. If your players are Prior,or someone really hott then it may be an extra dollar because of their popularity.I don't consider that many players red hott so it should be a good deal!
    Also I collect Pujols and Hairston so none are for sale!
    If you'd like to buy all of my A.Pujols cards then please LMK.I have alot including a RC!

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    jly500---Yes I do have Pirates!LOL I think I have plenty of every team!LMK how many 5 card lots you would like to buy!

    Hemi711--I have 2003 Fleer,2003 Topps Bazooka
    I know he books a little more so maybe $3?LMK

    Brandon--I'm just going to chat, and hang out here. Don't really want to continue trading anymore online. It just gets frustrating after awhile!
    Thanks for the interest guys!

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    What do you want to trade for it?It would have to be VERY good!LOL
    I doubt anyone will get it from me!
    I plan on selling my whole Albert Pujols collection on ebay!

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    I like these
    2003 Hot Prospects Dontrelle Willis Pants Auto 9/400 3 COLOR PATCH!!!! BV???

    2003 Patchworks Numbers Game Alfonso Soriano Patch, 2 color (Part of NY LOGO) Bv 40.00 222/300

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