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Thread: 03 SPX Chiefs lot 14 cards

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    03 SPX Chiefs lot 14 cards

    2003 Upper Deck SPX...Kansas City Chiefs team lot includes:...#35 Priest Holmes x5...#68 Tony Gonzalez x4...#10 Trent Green x5

    Will trade for NY Jets

    Thanks, John

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    hey u got any other teams from that set like the TEXANS or vikings? also i am looking for the ryan hoag rookie out of there


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    I have the Hoag rookie. Card #176...Serial #840/1500. I will only trade this for NY Jets rookies

    I also have the Texans set although I havent pulled them out yet.

    I currently have the Vikings on eBay.

    Thanks, John

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    great i got a lot of jets rookies, any inparticular and i need the texans set also. plmk

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    I am looking for BJ Askew and Dewayne Robertson from this years products.
    I will pull the Texans tomorrow and get back to you.

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    Out of a 7 box case all I got was 3 David Carr #100. Let me know.
    Thanks, John

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    i need all 3 carrs unless you are trying to complete the set. also from this set i am looking for randy moss, and the nate burleson rookie jsy/auto. plmk i will go check what jets rookies i got for you

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    The Moss card is in the lot I have on ebay. I dont have the Burleson either. I am holding the Carr,s for you.

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