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    Uncertified Autos For Sale (Kerry Wood, Johnny Damon, Canseco, Walker, Banks)

    I have the following uncertified autos I am selling for cc. I have either obtained these autos in person or through the mail.

    1994 Upper Deck #546 Johnny Damon RC Auto=125cc

    1995 Upper Deck Minors #220 Todd Walker RC Auto=100cc

    1998 Fleer Tradition #563 Kerry Wood RC Auto=200cc

    2001 Topps Chrome Traded #T59 Jose Canseco Auto=150cc

    2001 Topps Traded 1986 Topps Rookie Reprint #T119 Bo Jackson Auto=150cc

    LMK and thanks
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    cc prices are negotiable, however, these are some good players....I have alot more, but these were some of the better ones

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    Sure don't, but if you want them and aren't satisfied when you get them, we can swap back. LMK It's not a big deal to me, just trying to rid myself of some of these.

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    If the Banks is in mint condition, I will give you all of my 163 CC for it (that's all I got).

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    It is mint, transfer cc and PM addy! It will go out tomorrow! LMK

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    the only one I got in person out of those was the Damon. I have alot of others I have gotten in person.

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