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    Anybody here collect Benchwarmer cards? 2 nice autos for trade or sale!

    I have these 2 cards for sale:

    Katie Lohmann Box Topper Autograph
    Amber Smith Box Topper Autograph

    Here's the pricing I found in Tuff Stuff for these:

    regular autograph: $45
    Box Topper autograph: $75

    These are from the 2002 Series 2 set. For the Lohmann, I could probably work something in between those prices. For the Smith however, I'd need almost full BV in trade. LMK if interested in either. I'd be willing to trade them for baseball or football cards, or I'd sell them for the best offer. LMK!

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    sorry guys, I don't have scans, but I could probably find a picture of one. I'll find one and post in a couple seconds.

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    I'm sure you guys can see why the smith is hard to get LOL

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    Sorry NRE, that's not the one I have. Wish it was though, it looks nicer. BV on the one you showed is less though, since the newer ones book lower for some reason. Smith is the right one though.
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