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    To grade or not to grade that is the question.

    Iam considering getting some of my cards graded but is it really worth paying the 8-12$ per card for?


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    Depends on how good the cards are, and how good condition they are in. how confident are you that they would score a 9.5 or higher? That's your thought to ponder.

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    here's a bit of advice, never grade an insert, GU, or auto. They won't get much of a premium. Only cards worth grading are rookies in very nice shape.

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    yep, I will agree with Rodent -- that's a great piece of advice, saves you lots of money!

    unless you understand the grading system (Beckett magazine has it in their monthly mags)...don't send in the card.

    Last thing you want to do is pay $10 to grade a card that is returned to you graded at a 7

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    I got screwed by Beckett, I sent a 1991 Topps Giambi rc in knowing for sure I would get a 9.5 atleast, I mean the corners were razor sharp. I got the card back with an 8.5, BV 15, They grade way to hard, the corners had an 8, what a rip. A bit of advise, if you do get cards graded, use PSA.

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    My friend sent a card straight out of the pack away. He got it back with 9.0 9.5 9.0 9.5... Guess what they gave him 8.5

    BS is all i can say.

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