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Thread: New cards up for trade

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    New cards up for trade

    just busted one of the variety boxes from Toys R Us and didn't get much other than a bunch of rookies (did get an Rohan Davey Bowman Chrome X-Fractor #'d 23/250) that have already been added to my site.Plus a ton of base cards as well.List what team or player you're looking for and I'll see what I got for ya.


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    going - I've got a 02 Upper Deck Scobey RC on my site,plus I got these colts cards today:

    01 Topps Mike Peterson
    01 Stadium Club Marvin Harrison
    99 Topps Marvin Harrison
    01 Fleer e-X Edgerrin James
    01 Fleer Legacy Peyton Manning
    02 Bowman Chrome Peyton Manning
    02 UD Vintage Ken Dilger
    02 Playoff Honors Peyton Manning

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    02 Fleer Showcase Jamal Lewis
    02 Topps Javin Hunter
    00 Score Michael McCrary
    01 Fleer Premium Trent Dilfer
    99 Topps Jonathan Ogden
    01 Topps Elvis Grbac
    02 Playoff Prestige Todd Heap
    02 Playoff Prestige Elvis Grbac

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    ok i probably need all of them but i will get back to you 2morrow with a list of all the ones i need. thanks. wat do you want to trade for it? wat other teams/players you looking for?

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    clinton portis, randy moss, michael vick, drew bennett, plmk

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