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Thread: i want all 'melo's!!!

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    i have ud top prospects, topps first edition and regular topps rookie of him. i am only looking to sell though really.

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    BB-man...i need um..what u want?

    Matrix.....i REALLY want the topps ones...i only wanna trade PLMK if ull trade!

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    hey jake I got 1 UD Top prospects and the topps what would u give me for them

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    I can trade a Lmape Auto #/25 I pulled for a Melo Lucky 13 #/500. Im a hardcore SYR fna though so I would only sell and itd be $80

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    03-04 sp game used gold parrell #'d to 50 lmk what high end stuff u got cuz the last one sold on ebay for 175 thanks

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    hey guys! i need um all! nothin much of kobe but...anythin else? others..what u want?

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