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Thread: cowboys to trade

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    cowboys to trade

    2000 ud daryl johnson game used jersey
    99 contenders ssd jason tucker auto
    2002 fleer rookie sensation antonio bryant 980/1250

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    I need all of them. PLMK if you have a want list or will take cc. I especially need the Daryl Johnston(I think you missspelt the name, hahaha, missspelt). Thanks


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    i like the bryant and/or the smith, lmk if one of them becomes available

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    ok people just emauil me with offers
    i meant pm i am getting rid of all of thewm i can not stand cowpokes.
    i do not want card cash for them sorryt.

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    amny more takers.i sent pm to all that wanted them i believe.if you have not gotten a pm lmk.

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