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Thread: George just went down!

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    George just went down!

    Looks like it might be a serious ankle injury... can the Lakers keep going without him and Fox??

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    Spurs played a great game; was close til the end.

    A miss here and there for the Spurs; a make here and there for Lakers, and we win.

    It's only game 1.

    Game 2 Wed evening. Let's hope Shaq destroys Duncan and Robinson.

    Lakers role players pretty much threw up enough bricks to build a home, and when you add in Kobe's bricks, you've got yourself a mansion.

    It's a severely sprained ankle for George; Xrays negative. Doubtful he plays Wed.

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    He looked like he got seriously hurt when that happened. I caught a glimpse of it at the bar last night... I also saw when Robinson first got smacked in the face and then got smacked in the junk... that had to hurt!

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    couldn't happen to a better team, Lakers are done!!!!!!!!!!!

    Robinson should have knocked the old geezers head off (Horry)

    he wasn't going for the ball, he was going for the balls


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    It's gut check time for my Lakers!!

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    They're better off with George not playing... he's a bum!

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    I totally DISAGREE!!

    While his shot is not yet reliable, he's developed very well these last 3 years (had the luxury, being from a Div IIa school, of being brought along very slowly as Phil doesn't like playing rookies.)

    He will be takig Fox's place next year as small forward.

    He's extremely quick, has long wing span, great vertical jumper (I've seen him block shots of 7-footers), and great at hustle plays and getting offensive rebound. He's got a great knack for getting the loose ball.

    Lakers will re-tool this summer, no matter what happens during rest of play-offs. And George will be the new starter.

    Fox has a torn peroneus brevis tendon in his foot. That's gonna take 8-16 months to heal. I don't forsee Fox playing by All-Star break of next year.

    George fits in well with the Lakers, who badly need a power forward, and Malone / Juwan / etc are available. Will be very interesting off-season.

    Game 2 tomorrow at SBC Center

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    George is a BUM and although this might sound strange, he probably wouldn't get any playing time anywhere else but LA. He only gets PT because they have nobody else and Walker is even more of a scrub. George shot what, like 23% last year in the playoffs? Unreal!

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    it doesn;t matter about George, the Lakers are done, Shaq can't do anything if they are actually going to call him on travels and offensive fouls, Kobe will try everything himself and he isn't good enough to single handedly lead them past the Spurs

    Lakers are gone in 6

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