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    need sweet shot signature shot autos

    heres what i have
    heres what i have
    caron b.
    magic j.
    larry b.
    mo- pete
    marcus f.
    melvin e.
    dajuan w.
    deshawn s.
    jarred j.
    drew g. (incoming)

    eddy c.(incoming)
    lmk thanks
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    i dont have any but just wondering if u won the lottery cuz no offence or anything but u didnt have a very good collection and all of a sudden u have so many sick cards

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    i didn win the lottery lol, i have only been collecting cards for about a year now, about a month ago i decided to up my collection.... lmk if u have any more ?s
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    also money has never been a problem, its just been getting into cards.

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