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    I need Aaron Brooks,Horn and Mcallister cards

    Looking for Aaron Brooks,Joe Horn and Deuce Mcallister cards.
    My trade site is

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    I Have:
    03 Donruss Elite Aaron Brooks "MASKS OF STEEL" Facemask card #MS-7 Serial # 159/400

    Let me know if you are interested. I will sell for $6.00 dlvd or trade if you have anything I can use.

    Email me or PM.

    Thanks, John

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    I have a aaron brooks/baron davis dual jersey. Davis has a large blue stripe on the jersey piece. LMK if interestd.

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    This is the only card I liked. Let me know.
    Thanks, John


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    I am interested in your El jersey. Unfortunately, I do not have anything of equal value that you need. Please take a look at my Beckett buy/sell listings under my id mikoman.

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    I have a 99 Bowman Chrome Aaron Brooks Gold RC.. I do not see anything on your list I need, lmk if you are interested in this

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    johnnym: Cant trade the Davis I have it selling on ebay.
    rodent : WHat r u looking for in return?
    steelcity: I cant find your trade list.
    j.e.lew : Telling me you have that card and then saying you dont see anything from my site is like telling a child he cant have that lolipop that your holding in front of his face. Evil man,pure evil. :)

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    sorry, I didn't see anything on your site that I need.

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