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Thread: ne 1 have a Chandler

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    ne 1 have a Chandler

    i m n need of a 02-03 ud glass magnifying auto i m looking to trade 4 it or buy it for cc will offer alot of cc for it if we cant come up with a trade. need this card to finish the bulls part of this set.

    also looking 4 the auto focus chandler and j.williams
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    no im looking for the chandler unless u have it. i also responded on the other post about r trade cause the cards u looking for r no longer on my site i took alot of cards off for grab bags just never took them off my site yet.

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    i have sp authentic chandler auto /100

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    king james i m interested n it but dont really have ne thing right of hand my only auto i got 4 trade right now is the eddie robinson. i m gonna buy a box or 2 though tomorrow so i will have something for sure i hope that is

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