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    trying to get rid of my GU! Check my site and LMK if you see any you like!

    I'd like to trade pretty much all of my GU cards away. I'm looking for rookies or autos in return. The site is pretty much up to date, but some stuff may no longer be in my possession. LMK what you're interested in, and what you have to offer! also, here's a couple cards I just got in that aren't on the site:

    2003 SPX Young Stars Brett Myers auto/jersey #/1295 (light creasing around jersey piece)
    2002-2003 City All Stars Aaron Brooks/Baron Davis dual jersey (Davis has nice blue stripe on jersey piece)

    LMK if you see anything you like!

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    Would you be interested in trading a gu for a 1993 Topps Draft picks Jeter RC? BV $15...

    LMK before I go through the trouble of looking at your site :)

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    possibly, but it wouldn't be one of the superstar or HOF ones. Probably nothing too great, since I already have one of those jeters, and it wouldn't be a top priority to get another. But if there is anything you see, just LMK and we may be able to work out something.

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    Check my site for the rookies I have...only ones not for trade are the Bonds and Clemens...

    I'm trying to get some more gu so LMK what interests you.

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    1993 Pinnacle Derek Jeter RC $15

    1989 Upper Deck Randy Johnson RC $15

    I like these. Check my site and LMK what you like. I don't think I'd trade anything in red, but you never know. I'll just let you know beforehand that I'd need an advantage in BV if you want any of the madduxes, since I'm guessing you may be interested in those.

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    I like this Maddux...

    2003 Topps Finest Greg Maddux Jersey

    I can trade you the Johnson RC and something else for it...what does the maddux book for?

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    maddux books for $15. I need to look for it though, since I'm not too sure where it is right now.

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    Okay...Would you be interested in the Johnson and something else in the $5-10 range for it? the johnson books at $15 and is in PERFECT condition.

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    rodent, I'd be interested in the myers auto, if it's partially creased, just take 3-5 BV off of it.

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    sorry tigersfan. I'd trade it, but there's nothing on your site I'd want for it.

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