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Thread: Looking to get rid of...

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    Looking to get rid of...

    ...some football cards. My friends bought me two packs tonight, and I got some good stuff. Figured I should give them to someone who wants them. I'll trade for hockey cards, or I could sell. I don't really collect football, so I'm not looking to trade within the sport *shrugs*

    All are from 2003 Upper Deck.

    Game-Used -
    Thomas, Zach (Miami) 03 UD Game Used Jersey Card GJZT BV$12, white swatch
    Kingsbury, Kliff (NE) 03 UD Rookie Premier RP6 BV$1.50
    Vick, Michael (Atlanta) 03 UD Super Powers SP7 BV$8
    Boller, Kyle (BAL) 03 UD Rookie Premier RP3 BV$5

    I've got refrences if y'all need them. I also have some pretty good basketball and baseball cards I'm looking to move. PM me if you're interested!!

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    id give you some cc for the thomas or you could just give it to me? just kidding but ill give you some cc

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