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    I need John Vanbenschoten cards

    I am need of cards of John Vanbenschoten.
    Limited to only 3 or 4 sets
    01 Bowman
    02 Bowman DP
    01 Bowman Heritage
    01 Bowman Chrome
    02 Bowman DP Chrome
    There may be other sets he is on that I have not listed here.
    Thank you for any help.

  2. Kronozio
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    just so you know, I have this card...

    2001 UD Heroes of Baseball{Triple Combo Jersey}Vanbenschoten/blk jsy, Mark Prior/grey jsy, Mike Jones/wht jsy

    it is not for trade because prior is on it, but this is another one with him on it...

    is this guy any good?

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    Good card to have. Excellent card to hold onto. Already know that Prior is good. Vanbenschoten at every level is tearing them up with his pitching. Should be in the majors sometime next year or 2005.

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