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    dallas cowboys rc gu and rookies

    i'am looking for roy williams and antonio bryant rc gu cards and terrance newman rookies and emmitt smith gu.

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    hey pisano!!!!
    i have a 2002 quincy carter gols sample lmk if you are interested
    Forza Italia

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    hey goinwild18 sorry no sample cards.i have a 98 metal universe manning rc books 8.00 i think and i have becketts of him if u collect becketts.

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    I could use the manning universe card..

    if goingwild doesnt want it...

    lmk what u want for it...

    Forza Juve...

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    ya i want that manning card what would u like for it
    i have a trade list on my post that said looking for manning rookies u have to scroll dfown abit its in the middle of my reply

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