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    Need your auto's---nice GU for trade--Gehrig??


    Hi----I don't collect GU, so I want to trade for your auto's (will trade in your favor)----I might even trade my Gehrig GU #d 2/4 if the auto is sweet! ( Gehrig will probably go to ebay in a few days if I don't get a good trade offer)---LMK what you like, maybe we can work a trade---Thanks, "Nail"

    2000 UD Ken Griffey Jr "Game Used Baseball" ($25)

    2001 UD Game bat Ed. Andruw Jones bat card ($15)

    2002 Topps Gold Label "Class 1 Gold" Mike Hargrove bat card #ACR-MH ($10)

    2002 Topps Gold Label "Class 3 Titanium" Eddie Murray ( bat card, ROY)---($40)

    2002 Upper Deck USA Baseball Jerseys, Dustin Pedroia ($15)

    2003 Donruss Elite Randy Johnson game-worn hat card #d/250--($15)

    03 Fleer Fall Classic Darryl Strawberry bat card ($10)---[2]

    03 Fleer Fall Classic Brooks Robinson / Frank Robinson "Postseason Glory", dual patch #d25/50 ($80) Dual GU

    03 Fleer Fall Classic Frank Robinson bat card ($10)

    03 Fleer Fall Classic Al Kaline bat card #d 5/100-($25)

    03 Fleer Fall Classic Parker/Stargell Postseason Glory, Stargell bat ($10) [single GU]

    2003 Fleer Flair Roberto Alomar "Diamond Cuts" jersey, (black)-- 2 of these ($8)

    2003 Fleer Flair Juan Gonzalez "Power Tools" bat #d 203/500 ($10)

    03 Fleer Ultra Ivan Rodriguez "Moonshots" jersey card ($10)

    03 Leaf Limited Lou Gehrig jersey (brown, shaped like #4) #d 2/4--(Need about $500 bv in trade for this)

    03 Leaf Limited Eric Chavez 3 cl patch #d 8/25 ($40 in trade?)

    03 Leaf Limited Miguel Tejada jersey (white) #d 8/50 ($20 in trade?)

    03 Leaf Limited Andruw Jones jersey (white) #d 39/50 ($30 in trade?)

    2003 Topps Heritage Yogi Berra stadium seat ($25)

    2003 Topps Tribute Contemp. Cal Ripken Jr "Memorable Mat." bat card ($50)

    2003 Topps Tribute Contemp. "Performance Doubles" Barry Zito, uniform/ Randy Johnson Uniform w/stripe ($20)

    2003 Topps Tribute Contemp. "Team Triples" Biggio uniform /Berkman bat /Bagwell uniform ($25)

    2003 UD MVP Troy Glaus game-used base card #CB-TG ($15)

    2003 UD Sweet Spot Classic Joe Morgan patch card #P-JM1--not game used ($10)

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    Would you be interested in a

    2003 SP Authentic Chirography Youngs Stars A.J. Pierzynski

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    Bonds auto spx bv 150 ,02 pristine bonds auto bv 150, ripken 00 ud legendary sigs auto bv 150 and ernie banks auto bv 100? i could maybe do that..... but not sure tho......lmk if u even think u would possibly do that.

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    Nail, depending on what you need, I might be able to come up with 500 BV. I just don't think I have $500 worth of stuff you need. :)

    By the way, nice pull buddy. Good to see someone who deserves success succeed.

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    Brandon ---I like your auto's---I think the Gehrig will bring me between $350-$400 cash, (it's #d 2/4 very short print!) I can send you a scan if you would like(just LMK)--- if you might want to work a bv trade at around $500 LMK----I will be listing this on ebay soon, if I don't make a good trade for auto's.
    AC---Thanks for the kind words!---I still have that Prior auto---maybe we can work something out---"Nail"

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    man, all these cards would sell over $400. Ernie banks sells for $60, each bonds will get you about $100 to $120 and the ripken will get you $90. thats about $370.

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    Brandon---I could make that trade---I wasn't asking for $500 cash value, I think we can both come out winners with the cards you have listed---LMK---"Nail"

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