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    Looking for any 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractors or Xfractors

    I am looking for any 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft refractor or xfractor of any good rookie from the set. I would be willing to trade in your favor from my tradelist. Even trading GU and AUTOs for them. Also, I am willing to buy. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.


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    i have a 2002 bowman chrome draft brian diporak gold refractor bgs 9. make an offer

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    OOOH! WOW WHAT A CARD!! Unfortunately I don't have that kind of money. I would love to see a scan of the card though.

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    actually mike maybe you can help me out. i am in the very tough process of completing both 02 bowmanc chrome and draft sets. i need one more for the draft refractor set #3 and maybe 10 left on the draft xfractor set. the regular bowman chrome set i need 7 ref and maybe 20 xfractors. the golds are well very tough . i have roughly 65% done with the draft golds/50 and about 40% done with the regualr chrome. i have every auto in every version except the mauer gold auto/50. if you have any doubles please let me know and i can find you something...ty joe c

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    Please let me know who you need and I will see what I have. Thanks for your reply.


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    mike it would be easier if you listed anything you have my lists are probably longer then what you have. joe c

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    I will let you know when I get home this evening. Thanks.


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    OK, this is what I have:

    2002 Bowman Chrome Refractors:
    Matt Allegra
    Chris Bootcheck
    Nic Jackson
    Jason Bulger
    Jason Bay
    Francisco Liriano
    Ryan Church
    Travis Foley
    Kevin Deaton
    Josh Bonifay
    Randall Shelley

    2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractors:
    Justin Maureau
    Javy Rodriguez
    Nic Carter

    Please let me know if any of these interest you and what you have to trade. Thanks.


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    Michael, I am intrested in that Bay refractor. Lmk what other nice rcs you have. I have rookie cards of just about everyone that you are looking for on your site. lmk thanks

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