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    price of upper deck 1/1, and metal universe pmg green

    ok, i have a joe dumars upper deck 98/99 #260 1/1, what would the price be on this, i got it on ebay when it first came out, cant remember the price, but what have 1/1, masterpieces been going for lately when they do come up
    i also have a tsc printing plate 98/99 #130- magenta of joe dumars, what would this go for??
    i also have a hornacek metal universe 97/98 precious metal gem green #3/100. as i understood it, the first 10 were green and teh rest were red, is this correct? what would be the price onthe green vs the red, if this is the case
    any help would be appreciated on these, and btw, they r available for trade or sale

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    the green is correct, the first 10 were green...thatd go for around 80
    the other one of ones should go for 50
    occasionally dumars sell for a bid more though

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