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    Looking for 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings

    I have all of the regular set -SP's but need almost all inserts.
    Parallels, Gu'd, Autos, Heritage collection, everything.
    I will try to post a list of what SP's I need later.
    I have plenty of stuff to trade. LMk what you have.

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    Here is a list of the SP's I still need.
    101-Marlon Byrd
    104-Anderson Machado
    106-Dewon Brazelton
    107-Josh Beckett
    108-John Buck
    109-Jorge Padilla
    110-Hee Seop Choi
    111-Angel Berroa
    112-Mark Teixeira
    113-Victor Martinez
    114-Kazuhisa Ishii
    119-Wilson Betemit
    121-Mark Prior
    123-Roberto Clemente
    124-Roberto Clemente
    125-Roberto Clemente
    126-Roberto Clemente
    127-Babe Ruth
    128-Ted Williams
    130-Eddie Murray
    131-Juan Marichal
    134-Bobby Doerr
    135-Carlton Fisk
    136-Eddie Mathews
    137-Mike Schmidt
    138-Catfish Hunter
    146-Ron Santo
    148-Al Kaline
    151-Chris Snelling
    152-Satoru Komiyama
    155-Rene Reyes
    159-Miguel Asencio

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    I need your Bartolo Colon Bowman's Best Refractor, any interest in these?

    2001 Fleer Platinum Teixeira RC
    2002 UD Diamond Connection Bat Around Quads A-Rod/Pudge/Palmeiro/J.Gonzalez
    2002 Donruss Diamond Kings Satoru Komiyama

    I also have some other stuff you don't need those cards.


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    I just recently trade for the quad bat but I would love to have the Teixeira rookie and I need the Diamond King card.
    The Teixeira book $12 and the DK is either $5 or $6.
    I'll go over your site later and see if I can come up with something. Would you trade autos or GU'd to make up the difference or is there anything else in the $15-$20 range that would be an even trade? LMK. thanks.

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    I also have a 2001 Topps Stars Gold /499 of Pudge, and a 2003 Finest Uniform Relics of Palmeiro if you need them.


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    Ivan Rodriguez 2001 Topps Stars Gold /499 BV $4.00
    Rafael Palmeiro 2003 Finest Uniform Relic BV $10.00
    Mark Teixeira 2001 Fleer Platinum RC BV $12.00
    Satoru Komiyama 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings BV $6.00

    I would also like this on to even it out.
    Hank Blalock 2001 Topps Traded RC

    If this is okay with you drop me a pm with you address.

    Warrior-what do you want for the machado? I can also pay CC if you want to do that. LMK. Thanks.

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    C'mon. There has to be more people that have Diamond Kings cards. Warrior, what do you want for Machado?

    I have some good autos left and decent Gu'd to trade for the autos and GU'd from this set. Please help.

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    I have several Bronze Parallels lmk if your interested.

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