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Thread: Anyone want to make a trade...

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    Anyone want to make a trade...

    Ok, I finally found out how to unlock the number lock. Check out my site and tell me if you see anything. The izturis is traded though. I really really want to make a trade.

    Please if you want to make a trade as well, check out my site and you may see something you can even use as tradebait.
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    Another deal including the (*) freebies with a trade. Is.................. I have 7 unopened packs from 1988 and 1990 right here in front of me. The First Seven people that do a trade with me will get 3 free cards and also a pack of cards. What a great deal!

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    ive got a 2001 showcase auto/lumber brandon inge I can trade for the abernathy and benitez plus the three freebies ill pick out.lmk if interested.

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    Nah, I'll kinda pass, because I dont really collect Tigers certified autos. I'd prefer to trade for gu of players not on the tigers as well.

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    Why are you a Tigers fan but don't want to trade for Tigers cards?
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    Well, it's because for the certified autos I get cards signed in person and really have no need for the certified autos because I already have their auto.

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