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Thread: 6 VS 7 In The West?

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    Question 6 VS 7 In The West?

    Do you think the Minnesota Wild can pull out a win in Game 7 against Vancouver to make the Western Conference Championship series a matchup of the 6th seed vs the 7th seed? I wonder if that's ever happened before.

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    They beat Colorado in game 7, so I am sure they can beat those damn Canucks. I am looking forward to a 6 and 7 matchup, plus I think it is bringing in more hockey fans from So Cal.

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    that would be awesome to have the Ducks play the Wild

    As long as those damn Sens don't win the Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I wonder what the Vegas oddsmakers had as the probablility that Ducks would beat Red Wings and Stars to meet MN Wild.

    I am not much of a hockey fan, but man, I can't help myself, watching Giggy do his thing.

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