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    03-04 hardcourt box break and looking for these cards from the set

    This was a decent boxes. I only need 12 cards to finish the base. I got no dupes. Base cards are not for trade.
    Decent cards
    chris bosh rc level 1 #ed to 799 (maybe for trade)
    Zoran Planinic rc level 2 #ed to 1999
    Reece Gaines rc level 2 #ed to 1999
    Heart of a champion #10 (michael Jordan)
    Hardcourt floor Chris webber CW-F (maybe for trade)
    Lebron James game used floor LB1(not for trade)
    I thought that you were supposed to get to gu cards in a box without counting lebron james. Does anyone now any of the prices?
    Cards i need
    #1 shareef Abdur Rahim
    #3 glenn robinson
    #7 jalen rose
    #17 marcus camby
    #20 Ben wallace
    #40 mike miller
    #50 jason kidd
    #65 Marbury
    #73 Peja Stojakovic
    #74 bobby jackson
    #84 antonio davis
    #87 Andre Kirilenko
    If you have any i have plenty of base cards of star player or can trade card cash.

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    i thought you were supposed to get g/u as well...i guess you got screwed :( that sux

    i have these two RCs for trade

    do you need em?

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    Heart of a champion #10 (michael Jordan)

    what od u want for this?

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    bdrr- who do you need for them? Also, i am guessing because i got 3 rcs i only got 1 gu

    BBallin- didn't see anything i could use

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    the only thing i really need from your site in the vlad jersey...
    um do you have any #ed RCs or autos not listed on your site for trade? otherwise i can only really use the vlad...and what do you think the values on the RCs will be?

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    hey scott i will trade u the base that u need to finish off ur set 4 the jordan card lmk

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    bdrr- i would rather hold onto the vlad. I think that the sweetney will go for $10 and Kaman $13

    l3ulls4us- do u have any idea on what the jordan will book. It is like a chrome version, but not #ed. Also, i will only trade if u live in the continental us

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    would you buy? i could sell you both for like $10...

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    i live n a state that nobody really heard of called Montana its located below canada above wyoming and in between idaho and north dakota........ :) i dont know what it will book or ne of the others

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