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    Derrek Lee Autos For Trade or Sale MARLINS

    I have 2 Derrek Lee Autographed Rookie Cards I got through the mail successfully!

    1994 Pinnacle Derrek Lee RC #438 Draft Pick AUTO

    1994 Upper Deck Derrek Lee RC #539 Top Prospects Foil AUTO

    I am looking for Bernie Williams and B.J. Upton cards! Or I will sell them for Card Cash....LMK!! :D

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    ttt...surely someone wants these....I will trade them for Bernie Williams or B.J. Upton base or Rookie cards, both of which don't book very high. I'm looking to spread the wealth here since it didn't cost me but 2 37 cent stamps to get these signed. C'mon guys and gals.....pull out those Bernies and B.J.s...:D

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