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Thread: New Ebay Auctions

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    New Ebay Auctions

    Hello Fellow Collectors,

    I just posted 5 new Ebay auctions check it out below

    Just simply cut and paste the link above.Thanks for looking.

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    You're one of those guys that doesn't list the shipping costs. I never ever bid on those because I don't want to end up paying $4.00 for 1 card ! I'm not saying that is what you are doing, I'm just letting you know that I won't bid on those types of auctions no matter what it is for.

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    I moved it here for you. Most will look under a heading, and Sites and Auctions seems like an appropriate place for this.
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    Rick I apologize I just started my own account after using my Fathers for three or so years and forgot that part.I added all the shipping costs.Hope to see you bid.Thanks in advance.

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