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    NPN Hockey, Football, and Baseball received today

    It's been a long wait but I got 8 packages today.

    Pristine Football: Drawing March 26th
    Auto of Bryant McKinnie

    Heritage Hockey:
    Robert Pulford reprint
    Alexei Smirnov RC

    Stadium Club Hockey: Drawing March 5th
    Jaromir Jagr - World Stage
    Ed Belfour 103
    Adam Oates 107
    Tony Amonte 110
    St. Patrick Roy 2 colored Jersey YES!

    Stay tuned - There should be more coming soon.
    They tend to ship them in bunches.
    I hope you're lucky too!

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    Great job on the Roy jersey. Hope I have that kind of luck. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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    Wow, autos, jerseys! Nice cards. The auto of McKinnie and jersey of Roy are sweet cards to get.


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    awesome cards!!!!! How do these NPN's work, I would like to get some free cards

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    Originally posted by RickNashcollector
    awesome cards!!!!! How do these NPN's work, I would like to get some free cards
    Refer to this post :

    It's a sticky in the General SportsCard Talk Forum

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    I received 1 more today.
    Got a Tribute Zach Wheat Bat card.
    He was before my time but it's a nice card to get for a stamp.

    Also went to a shop and bought some All time Fan Favorites, Gallery, and Finest.
    I'll list the addresses shortly.
    The best I got was out of Finest with a Gold Ref of Palmerio and a Maddux Jersey.

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    Please post more NPN additions as they come. Is there a limit as to how many you can send for each program? Is it two?


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    They are already posted.
    It looks like some of them have only 1 request.

    My brother-in-law does this NPM thing for Football and Baseball in Wisconsin.
    When I go up there from Texas, I bring along Favre cards to trade for his NPM cards. He's a big Favre fan.
    I got a call from him yesterday about a card he received.
    It was a Pristine Auto of Brett Favre. You know, the clear plastic card.
    Now that's incredible!
    37 Cents for that card.

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    In some cases only 1 request.

    I got 2 more in the mail yesterday.
    Stadium Club Stadium Shots Lance Berkman
    Pristine Football Rookie Josh Reed Jersey.

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