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    02 Bowman Heritage Autograph Albert Pujols for trade

    Most of the Pujols autos these days are those damned Donruss "Sticker" autos, which are possibly ruining the hobby by mass-producing autos. Here's your chance to own a bonafide, Bowman certified, blue-sharpie signed Albert Pujols auto that's actually signed on the card itself. If you're a Pujols fan, or want one of his autos, this is the one to have. Looking for other high-end cards in return, LMK who's interested

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    I have this incoming that I would consider trading for it:

    2001 Donruss Sig. series Mark Prior RC #d/800 BV $80

    what does the Pujols book at?

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    Sorry, didn't see anything I can use for Pujols. Would like to get another high-end auto

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    i am very interested in it, i could do a cash/card trade or wutever
    please check my site

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