I am looking to trade for or buy ALL Broncos cards not including game used and autographs. I have NO game used or autographs but I have team lots of 150-250ct of all teams excluding: Broncos, Titans, Saints, Packers & Steelers. I also have MANY good rookies and inserts. I would prefer 500+ count lots, but anything around 300+ is OK too. I don't want to worry about BV becuase the way i see it it doesnt matter as long as both sides agree that it's a fair trade. (Also want any current Broncos in ANY uniform) (Broncos cards include players in a Denver uniform and any card that indicates that the player played for Denver at the release of the time of the release of the particular card) If you have anything for me please reply to this message (only to keep it near the top), and email ME at skater20na@aol.com