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    Alright guys heres the deal:

    $15 dollars per lot & 19 lots or...

    2 lots for 25, 3 for 35, 4 for 45, 5 for 55, etc...

    You are guaranteed 1-2 autos per lot depending on the other cards in the lot or 1 Quality GU bv 20+ from top brands like UD, Fleer, Skybox, Topps etc... (note: most of the lots have 2 autos)

    You are also guaranteed inserts of star players. (for example. if you get a cheap auto(s) you will get a nice insert)

    You are also guarenteed a RC of a quality player.

    Rookies in the lot: Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, Qyntel Woods, Shaquille O'neal, Eddie Jones, Maciej Lampe, Rasheed Wallace, Tracy Mcgrady, Antoine Walker, etc...

    You are also guaranteed a Michael Jordan card or 2 in the lot.


    The grand prize package will include - 98-99 SkyBox Autographics of David Robinson BV 150 and 01 UD Shaquille O'Neal Jersey BV 50.

    Other stuff in the grab bags:
    Dikembe Mutombo auto BV 60
    Damon Stoudimire BV auto 25
    Stephon Marbury BV auto 12
    Tim Hardaway BV auto 20
    Jason Kidd RC auto BV ??
    Gary Payton GU jersey
    Darius Miles GU jersey

    and many others

    BV IS GUARENTEED TO BE ATLEAST 40-50, I am doing this because im done collecting B-Ball. (there are a BUNCH of cards in lots that book 30-50)

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    the guy didnt take the robinson? im surprised...eBay it, you should get at least $100

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    How many lots are you making total? Are most of the Autos Press Pass & Sage?

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