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    Please help me find 2003 Leaf Certified!

    I want to get as many D-backs from the set as possible, and I need your help. I will post what I have:

    2003 Leaf Certified Commons:
    6, Junior Spivey
    7, Randy Johnson
    8, Curt Schilling
    10, Steve Finley
    11, Matt Williams

    New Generation Autos, #/400
    Tim Olson

    Mirror Red, #/100
    10, Steve Finley

    Mirror Gold, #/25
    6, Junior Spivey Auto
    11, Matt Williams

    Please help. I need all parallels, still one common [Luis Gonzalez], all RC Autos, and all Fabric of the Game. LMK what you have.

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    i have a schilling FOTG bv 15, a matt kata mirror red auto bv 25 or 30(i forgot)

    you got any autos?

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    My best auto is a Jerome Williams one, BV- $60, but I don't have anything else. Kata BV is $25.

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    anything i could add with those 2 to get the williams? LMK

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    If you still have the Finley Gold, #/25, I could use that.
    I also like your Texiera Auto. But then I would have a $15 advantage. Check my sight and LMK if you like anything else for $15, and we wil go from there.

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