WANT LIST T205 set
Polar Bear mini 129
Triple folders Players faces not showing #1, 2,3,4,5,6,7.

1(both versions) 3(no white in st louis logo) 11,
37,41,52,54,57,68,73,74,75(both versions),
77(mouth closed), 80,81,91,97,100 (without bat), 110(without gold trim), 112,113,118,122,129,131,133,138,142,144,

Any Drum or Purple or Green back miniís

Triple folders various numbers
100 Brooklyn miniís
200 Polar Bear miniís
200 combo and sovereign miniís
1 206 Polar Bear mini Wagner #456 Red background
Uniform Relics Rolen, Johnson, Damon, Anderson,
grey with black stripe, Palmeiro, leiter