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Thread: 215cc to spend on ANYTHING!

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    215cc to spend on ANYTHING!

    Paying roughly 10cc=$1. Which means about $20 in card(s). This thread is a great sellers market. Give me some cards you are willing to sell in the $5-$20 range and what you want in CC (dlvd).

    I'm especially interested in all the obvious: GU, auto, #d, inserts and RCs.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i have a 00-01 Stadium Club Chrome
    Omar Daal First day issue 67/100

    01-02 Fleer Authority Barry bonds/Carlos Valderrama 67/1750

    02-03 Topps Gil Hodges 1952 World series

    Make me an offer(i don't really collect baseball)

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    Rick: I saw your team lot grab bag thread and left you a message that I wanted one, and if it's good, I'll advertise the fact. I donated the CC.

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    sealedpwr - Thanks for listing, but I'm not really interested in any of those.


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    edgeman, i'll give you $20 in #d inserts for the last of your cc if you'll let me pick out whatever i want from my inventory. lmk,

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    hairston1315 - I don't like doing SASEs. Thanks though.

    yankeepride - Thanks for the offer, but it's just not that appealing. It's amazing how fast a bunch of no-name Topps Gold #d (and similar) can add up to $20.

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