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    WHat basketball box should i buy?

    Ok im really in the mood for buying a box off Ebay. Its been like 5 months since the last time i busted open a box. Im willing to spend $50-60. Whats the best box to get for that price? What box has the best chance of pulling some nice autos or GU? Any input is much appreciated. thanks!


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    Imo theres not really any good baseball boxes for 50-60$. If I were you I would just save up a little more. Theres lots of great boxes for around 90$, Bowmans Best, Topps Pristine etc...

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    Err bowmans best isent basketball (oops thought you said baseball). Well if were talking about basketball I broke a box of Fleer Focus the other day and really enjoyed it. I got 2 numbered card and one jersey card. I have also heard a multitiude of "hot box" stories about this product. I bought mine for about forty on Also if you want a great place to check out box breaks Hope that helps!

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