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    Still Looking for 03 Topps Total Pittsburgh Pirates cards

    I am still in need of 03 Topps Total Pittsburgh Pirates cards. I would also be interested Topps Total Cincinnati Reds cards.
    Thank you for any help I appreciate it.
    Let me know who you are looking for in trades.

  2. Kronozio
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    I might have a couple, do you have any:

    2002 Fleer EX base cards
    2003 Leaf Hard Hats insert cards

    LMK :)

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    Abraham Nunez
    Luke Prokepec
    Corky Miller
    $2 shipped is what I'm looking for!

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    I still have all those you wanted from me.

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    Hairston no thanks. Only looking to trade.
    Kirby I will PM you.
    Chipper I do not have any of the cards you listed, I may have a nice Chipper card or 2 you need. If you want I will PM you what I have.

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    Jeff-sorry about the slow shipment on the Bullington card. I've been sick and the weather is cold, and snowy so I haven't been able to get out and mail it. I was going to yesterday, but it started to rain and it was relaly cold. But don't worry man, you'll get it.


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    Not worried. I trust you. Snowing already!!!
    What do you want for your Topps Total pirates?

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    i have:
    Sean Casey
    Ryan Dempster
    Kris Benson
    Brian Boehringer
    Joe biemel
    Bobby Bradley
    craig wilson

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    hey lieber, you still got that Pierre GU? If so, I RELALY NEED IT!!! PLMK!


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    I need everyone you listed. Who are you looking for in return?

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