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    Looking for a 03 Topps Pristine Bryan Bullington

    I am trying to collect everything out there on Bryan Bullington. I need a Topps Pristine card of him. I also need the following cards if you have any of those youwant to trade. I am looking for multiples of any of these cards
    2003 Topps Chrome
    2003 Topps
    2003 Bowman
    2003 Bowman Chrome
    2003 Topps Total
    2003 Topps T205
    or any certified cards of him.
    Also he is on the 2003 or 2002 Just card not sure which year.
    Also need any minor league sets he is on.

    Thanks for any help

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    I'm going to buy a pack of Pristine tomorrow. If I get it it's yours... well, that is if I decide to give it up [evil grin]

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    I know about where you live. And I do not live to far away.
    I will bring my big Rotweiler.

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