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    Loaded a lot of cards onto my homepage

    I have loaded more of the cards my dog will allow me to sell or trade onto my homepage. Mainly game used and autographed cards. I have commom, semi and unlisted star rookies also. Ask, I might have it.

    Take a look and let me know.

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    nice stuff, Im interested in all your dual patches and your Roy double jersey, could you post the colors of the dual patches?

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    Tell me more about Eric Daze, what happened with him and animal welfare?

    By the way, nice dog! :)


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    I am interested in your Turco/Morrison Dual Jersey and your Brodeur all star jersey. What kind of a price would you be asking for these? I am fresh out of Daze for you. :o(

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    I have the Crown Royal 101 if you're interested

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    I can use your hainsey u.d. rc #240 $30

    Have these for you to choose from.

    02-03 crown royale
    #107 $5
    #115 $12
    #116 $4
    #119 $10
    #127 $15
    #131 $4
    #134 $4
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    Ok so this is our trade

    for you:
    02-03 crown royale #107,119,127

    for me:
    02-03 u.d. rc #240

    Thanks cards will be sent Monday.
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