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    I collect Frank Thomas and will work on what I have in trade next week.

    Hey thanks new to this place and still getting used to this.

    Thanks to all for checkin my thread out.


    A die Hard Sox fan. maybe cubs vs. chitown come next october?

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    i have probably one of the best Frank Thomas cards you will ever see. but before i tell you what it is, what gu or autos do you have for trade? LMK


    P.S. search all over my site for a picture of the Thomas card.

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    Welcome to the boards!!
    Are you buying at all?
    If so I can get you a list of Thomas cards!

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    All I've got is base cards but take a look at my site and let me know if you see anything you like.
    I am always looking for more Pudge and to build up my Teixeira, Blalock and Nix collection.

    If it doesn't look like I have much listed let me know.
    I may not have updated my Thomas collection.

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    I have about 60-70 different Frank Thomas cards. Before I list them all, what Chipper Jones cards do you have for trade? Let me know. Thanks.

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    I have a 1996 Summitt Frank Thomas Big Bang #125/600 and a ???? Upper Deck Hot Commodities Frank Thomas. PLMK what Cowboys or Atlanta Braves cards you have, or if you are interested in buying. BTW, WELCOME TO THE SITE. Have fun.


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    BIG BANK YES. thomas That I definately want

    I'm still looking on how to reply without just emailing to specific posts.

    I have a slight variety of Chipper but i have a few good connections and i am sure i can pick up some nice ones to assist in trading. also i am goin to a show in two weeks so i'll see what i can find.

    thanks for all the posts.


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    Dark_Angel i got a variety of Jones not a lot but with the count total u got u might have all them. but i have a few decent inserts i'll have to track down.


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    I Have around 20 Frank Thomas inserts, base and RCs from the 90s, LMK if you are interested

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