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Thread: lebron roundball for sale

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    lebron roundball for sale

    this is a 03-04 ultra roundball inserts lebron.. books 20 and selling on ebay for 10 plus shipping thats what i want for it... if not it is going to the bay


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    someone has to want this... it is a nice card of the hottest player around

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    nothing against you but your asking too much for it which is why no one responded. i checked ebay and just four of what you have for under $5 and the one that was $10 was graded at a BGS 9. I might be interested if you sell it for lower and also can you please leave some feedback on our deal tutall. i left good feedback so could you man. thanx

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    matrix...leaving fedback right now... also this is why i am not putting it on the bay.... i hate putting cards on there without trying here first because selling a 20 dollar card of a superstar for 4.00 is insane... i hate not making anything and i might as well keep it... i will probably hang on to it for a while if no one wants it a little higher

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    i know what you mean. it is very difficult to sell sports cards and make some sort of profit with ebay around. i might be interested and will get back to you because i am interested in the card.

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