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Thread: Greg Maddux Game Used Jersey

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    Greg Maddux Game Used Jersey

    here is what it is:

    2003 Splendid Splinters Knothole Gang Jersey BBV $15.00

    Looking tg

    Sell or Trade

    Will Trade for an Auto or Game Used

    Will Sell at best offer



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    I may be interested in that Bonds or the A-Jones I am really looking for Cash more than anything

    would you be able to buy the card not looking for a whole bunch of $$

    let me know what we could work out

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    what about a trade/cash offer

    Like my maddux for

    the jones and some $$$

    or my patch for the jones and some $$



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    No thanks, I don't need it that bad. I can do it for the Jones straight up though.

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    naw i would be getting screwed big time that is a dumb offer

    i would do it for the bonds home plate

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    The Bonds homeplate is in the middle of a trade right now.

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    well, thats fine that would be the only card i would want besides for the beckett

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