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    What a series this is going to be!!!

    I've never been a hockey fan, but this game between the Ducks and the Wild has been unbelievable. Gaborik is amazing. Giguere is a rock in goal. This is gonna be a great series.

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    Yeah I've been staying away from hockey the last couple years but I'll have to watch this series... I've always been a big Kariya fan though but it's hard to not cheer for the Wild.

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    Game 1 goes to the Mighty Ducks. What an ending. Sykora with the game winner!!!

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    Yes, that was a very sweet backhander he put in there. Glad between my dog barking and the pizzaman I didn't miss the goal!

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    Damn, I missed it the damn flat screen can't be seen from where my computer is, might have to change its location before the girlfriend comes home LOL.......

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    The Mighty Ducks have that "anaheim angels" magic to them, don't they?

    They win all the close games; they are hotter now than ever before; they make all the right plays.


    1-0 winner in OT

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    Theres no doubt about it the Anaheim has all there ducks in a row! (lol)

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    Whats the difference between the Mighty Ducks and the Blackhawks?????

    One's a Mickey Mouse operation and the other is owned by Disney!

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    JE --- lol. so, that must be why Black Hawks haven't won the Cup in over 50 years? Heard that on ESPN

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