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    Wanted: Aaron Brooks rookies or game used

    I figured since he signed my sp authentic I would start collecting him again. I dont need anything other than rookies or game used.

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    hi buddy ,
    1999,edge first place.rookie arron brooks,$5.00
    thats it for know thanx
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos

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    1999 Bowman Chrome Gold rc bv 35.00 Looking for Vintage ,any sport.

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    Jon: I already have that one. Thanks though.
    jelew: I want it but I dont have any vintage.

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    I have a Brooks Bowman RC if you want it.

    I collect Michigan players, and the others in my sig.


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    dweightfan31 : I can use that card. My site link is in my sig. LMK if
    u find anything.

    j.e.lew : I dont have any Cubs cards. I do have several Shannon Sharps, Mike Anderson,Terrel Davis, 1 John Elway insert, Ed Mcaffrey,Brien Griese and Rod Smith. Its a mixture of base and inserts. If any of those interest u please let me know and Ill get a list together. i dont have most of those listed on my site except for the inserts.

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    Whats the Elway insert from?

    Have any Urlacher rcs? ( at about the same bv not a bunch of lower ones)

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    Gary I have an 02 Ultra League Leaders g/u and a couple rookies from him, do you still have that Faulk jersey I traded you, i may be intrested in that!

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