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    Sneak Peak at upcoming releases

    Here is a look at some of the upcomming releases in Basketball. Hope you all find them useful.

    2003/4 Fleer Mystique Basketball

    2003/4 Fleer Mystique Basketball is loaded with value for the collector. Mystique Basketball will have 11 serially numbered cards including: 2 game worn memorabilia cards numbered to 350 or less, 3 Draft Day Discovery Rookies, 5 low serially numbered inserts ranging from 500 to only 3, and 3 serially numbered, limited edition parallel cards including at least 2 special authentic rookie parallels. Mystique Basketball will also mark the return of the mystery pack. Each Mystery pack will have 1 numbered game used card, patch card or autograph and two serially numbered Draft Day Discoveries parallels. Possible autographed cards include Amare Stoudemire, Dwyane Wade, Vice Carter and Carmelo Anthony, and will come in every 6 boxes.
    4 Cards Per Pack – 20 Packs Per Box– Ships 1/7/04
    Not a bad product in my opinion, but UD has the dibbs on LeBron and he is the man! I will have to pass on this one.

    2003/4 UD Signature Series Basketball

    Upper Deck has listened to the consumers and come up with a great product just in time for March Madness. UD Signature Series Basketball will have an autographed card in every pack. But this is not just any autograph. Each 3 card pack will have an autograph of an NBA Rookie, Legend or Superstar. Numbering on the autographs are as low as 10, and there are multiple parallels and inserts to help increase the value. And remember that only Upper Deck can bring you names such as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant & Tracy McGrady.
    3 Cards – 1 Packs Per Box–Ships 3/1/04
    This is $45-$55 a box, and did you see what comes in a box, 3 cards!! You have to feel very lucky to spend $50 for 3 cards and one auto. I will have to pass on this one and buy the auto's I want on ebay.

    2003/4 UD Rookie Exclusive Basketball

    Upper Deck Rookie Exclusive offers a huge assortment of rookies from the 2003 draft class. Easily one of the greatest drafts of all time, if not the greatest, this product will help celebrate this monumental draft by offering more rookies than any other product. Every box of Rookie Exclusive Basketball will have one game used, and one autographed card. Inserts and parallels help give the collectors to hit a home run in every pack.
    7 Cards – 28 Packs Per Box–Ships 2/12/04
    This should go for $65 or higher, sounds like a fun box to open. My favorate of the three.

    2003/4 Topps NBA Mini Stickers & Album

    Topps Mini Stickers and Album offers a great price point to give consumers and easy buy, and an easy item to collect. Each sticker pack contains three sticker sheets containing 8 mini-stickers per sheet plus 2 pieces of gum. Each mini-sticker album combo contains one pack of stickers and one 32 page sticker album wrapped together in clear wrap. This item is easy to buy, collect, carry & flaunt. Kids love to trade them with their friends.
    36 Packs Per Box - Ships 1/19/04
    This should go for under $35 a box, great for the younger collectors!!! I like the new twist.

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    the prices are mind-boggling!

    I'll pass on buying the boxes, and look to see what bargains I can get on individual stars and RC at card shows

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