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    Looking to sell / trade these cards...

    Hey, I have some cards i'm really trying to get rid of. I will sell fairly cheap. Let me know if you need anything here:

    2000 Skybox Dominion Roger Clemens Milestones bv: $60 odds are 1:1999!!!

    2002 Donruss Classics Don Mattingly Legend #0876/1500 bv:$20

    2000 Fleer Autographics D'Angelo Jimenez auto bv: $15

    2002 Donruss Elite Shawn Green Status parallel #42/85 bv:15

    2002 Topps Chrome Drew Henson rookie black refractor # 050/100 bv: $15

    2000 Bowman Orlando Hernandez Gold #25/99 bv: $8

    1999 Upper Deck Eric Chavez Forte green #0619/2000 die cut bv:??

    These cards are just some that I want to dump off my collection. Please check out my site and Email me if you need something. Thanks a lot.

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    I really like the Orlando Hernandez. What are you looking for in return?

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    Darrin, i'll sell you the Orlando for $3 dlvd or $2 w/ SASE. Let me know.

    Redsox, i dont want to trade for card cash. I'll sell you the Jimenez for $5 w/SASE or $6 dlvd let me know.

    Thanks guys

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    5 bucks for a card thats worth 15 no way its 4 years old.thanks anyways

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    I need the 2002 Donruss Classics Don Mattingly Legend #0876/1500 bv:$20. What are you looking for?

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    Thesanta, i need chicago cubs, bears, bulls game used and autos. I checked out your site and i didnt see anything. Are you willing to buy? I'll sell pretty cheap. Let me know, thanks

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