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    2003 Donruss Diamond Kings Mark Prior auto /150 for trade

    Disclaimer: DO NOT ASK ME FOR BOOK VALUE as I will not trade at book value. I know how much Prior autos sell for. If you want to get a steal at my expense, you can click the "back" button right now. I am looking for a fair deal.

    Looking for $75 sell value on this card. I listed it a while ago with a $75 BIN and it sold within hours but the buyer has not paid. I believe this is a fair price considering the only other Prior auto /150 I could find in completed auctions sold for $79. Looking for Barry Bonds autos and 1987 Fleer rookies, Guerrero autos rookies, Clint Nageotte stuff, and other good rookies/autos.

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    I will trade you a tom seaver/ nolan ryan dual gu's for it, BV 80

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    If this trade dosent work out, I need that gu Gio.

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    I have a 2001 Donruss Class of 2001 Rookie Autographs of Soriano numbered to 100. Worth $120. LMK if we could do something!!
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    Sorry, didn't see this post. I'm gonna have to pass on the offer. Mainly looking for autos.

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