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Thread: John Mobley (Broncos) Wanted!

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    John Mobley (Broncos) Wanted!

    Please let me know all John Mobley cards (he's a Bronco) that you have. I really want autographs, but I'll listen to whatever else you have. Thanks,


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    I have a 1999 SP Signature Edition John Mobley Auto. I'm looking for an auto in return, or I will sell it for $3.00 + 1.00 shipping! LMK

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    I like most autos. I also like the Bucs and Steelers!

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    I have these Mobley cards-
    96 Collector's Choice #13
    97 Fleer #381
    97 Ultra #162
    98 Skybox Thunder #68
    98 Topps #58
    99 Topps #152

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    I like all of them. How about a Kobe insert for all of them and the Justin Hocking RC? Do you have any other autos or jerseys (a list perhaps)? Thank you!


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    I'm holding onto the Hocking auto for now. I'm trying to sell all my hockey together. What Kobe insert do you have? I have a few other autos.

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    I have a bunch of Kobe inserts. I'm mailing your card tomorrow. What other autos do you have?


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    I have a few 96 Bowmans best rc of mobley

    But Check this out stkmtimo!

    2001 Donruss classics team colors

    (not for trade unless I see something that knocks me on my !)

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