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    wantlist may trade up to 2x bv list inside

    ok well 1st off let me say this, these are the cards im looking for NOT CARDS BELOW PRICE ASKED.
    second i will do 1.5 bv if its for certain cards of mine. EX. i will not trade my nameth auto for a 90$ moss rc. will only do multiplyer if lower end cards of mine. anouther thing if you have a player off my wantlist also include what you want from me so we can make a trade. rather then me sayin ok i like this look at my page just look and lmk

    wantlist is rc's of the following players then followed is a list of all star autos im looking for

    randy moss bv 60$ +++ would do 1.5
    charles rogers bv 50$++ or spx rc
    labrandon toefield 50$++ would do 1.2x
    byrone leftwich 65$+++ would do 1.2x for auto
    clinton portis 100$++
    chad pennington 60$+++ would do 1.2
    peyton manning 60$+++ would do 1.5
    reggie wayne 60$++++
    carson palmer 70$+++
    andre johnson 60$+++ would do 1.2x
    ^^^really want auto
    Any takeo spikes cards i dont have

    any year auto or gu
    walter payton gu or auto would do 2x
    jerry rice auto would do 1.5x
    brett favre auto " "
    dan marion auto " "
    john elway auto " "
    joe montana auto or gu " "
    bart starr auto or gu
    emmitt smith auto " "
    gayle sayers auto or gu " "
    joe nameth auto or gu
    johny unitas auto or gu " "

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    everythings ago right???? the moss bennett and the three ff for the boller au. i thought everything was final. i was gonna send out tomarrow lol. well what about it.

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    this is kind of off topic but i was checking out your site and saw some cards that i might need. i need the following from you
    2003 spx kliff kingsbury rc jsy/auto bv30 /1100
    2003 Sp Game Used Significat Signatures Kliff Kingsbury rc au 76/99 bv30

    please let me know if there is any way i can get these cards from you. thanks

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    sry those are both pending right now but if the trade falls through ill pm u

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