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Thread: Mask Collection Question

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    Mask Collection Question

    I Just Busted A Box Of Mask Collection And I Noticed That One The Regular Cards (Which Are Teammate Cards) There Are Some Rookie Goaltenders EX. Mikael Telqvist/Eddie Belfour
    Are These Considered Rookies? Why Wouldn't They Be?

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    ...Didn't Telqvist have a card last year?

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    nope that was Centomo, another Leafs prospect. if you've opened 02-03 Mask Collection you see that one player is in the foreground and one in the background...telqvist is in the back..could that be why?

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    oh ok...or it might just be because the other player on the card isn't a rookie

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    yea..oh well i got sum nice pulls from the box and i'll be posting them soon on Hockey Card Trading

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