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    my wants: pierce and garnett gu'd

    hey everyone, im looking for gu'd of paul pierce and kevin garnett. please let me know what you have for trade and for sell. others im looking for are: webber and mcgrady. pierce and garnett come first though. lmk, thanks

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    i have an 02-03 hhp pierce hot materials warmup card
    ill sell for 6 dlvd or trade

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    I have a 01-02 Stadium Club Frequent Flyers Paul Pierce /700 this is like my favorite card if you want plmk

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    I can get an UD unifrom greatness and will sell to your delivered for 6$ lmk

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    dajuan: what would you want in trade? and whats the bv?

    stalking_WOLF_21: is it gu'd? whats it book?

    bballin: are you willin to trade and whats it book?

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    do u have a tradelist?
    im looking for dajuan wagner and autos

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    i could probably get you some stuff of those guys tomorrow, please get back to me asap on how much you'd pay per $5 BV or what autos you'd trade
    im going to be leaving around 9 PST tomorrow for a show, so ill need a reply before then


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